Employment Visa Services

Required Documents For Employment Visa

Saudi Arabia:-

1. Original Passport (Minimum Six Month Valid)
2. If Previous Passport (Must Attach)
3. Original Cnic
4. Medical Certificate(Authorized Health Centers Only)
5. Pictures (Passport Size , Light Blue Background)
6. Diploma/Degree (If Technical Visa)

United Arab Emirates

1. Passport Copy (Minimum Six Month Valid)
2. Pictures (Passport Size, Any Background)
3. Medical Test (Local Use)


1. Passport Copy (Minimum Six Month Valid)
2. Picture (Passport Size)
3. Medical Certificate (Authorized Health Centers Only)
( Original Medical Certificate Should Be Attested From Oman Embassy Islamabad)


1.Copy Of Passport ( Pages 1 And 2)
2. Passport Minimum Six Month Valid (Preferably Valid For Two Years)
3. Medical Check-Up Report (Authorized Health Centers Only)
4.1: For Certain Specialized Occupations ,

You Need The Approval Letter / No-Objection Certificate From Relevant Authority (Approval Must Be As Recent As Possible And Should Not Be Older Than 6.
4.2: Engineers And Engineering Jobs: Approval From The Ministry Of Works - Committee For The Organization Of Engineering Practices.
4.3: For Banking And Insurance Companies’ Managers: Approval From The Central Bank Of Bahrain – Cbb.
4.4: For Mosques And “Ma’atams / Husainneyas”: Approval From The Ministry Of Justice And Endowments “Awqaf”.
4.5: For Medical Professionals: Approval From The Ministry Of Health.
4.6: For Education Related Occupations In The Private Sector: Approval Of The Ministry Of Education.

5. A Copy Of The “Job Offer Letter”

Between The Employer And Foreign Employee (One Or Two Pages Max.) On The Company’s Letterhead Or A Government Official Paper.
5.1: (It Must Include The Following Information: "The Names Of The Employer And The Foreign Employee, Passport Number, Nationality, Job Role (Occupation) Of The Employee, Salary, Employment And Notice Periods. This Job Offer Letter Should Be Signed By The Employer And The Employee And Bear The Seal / Stamp Of The Employer. It Should State That The Offer Is Subject To Successful Application Of The Work Visa.)

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